More and more people are switching from the Facebook Android app to the browser version. This is for a number of reasons such as performance, memory or battery management. While this is actually a very good experience, there are things you are likely to miss, including a dedicated icon in your launcher and separation from your other browsing activities in ‘recents’.

This is where Simply comes in.simply-for-facebook

Simply utilities the power of Chrome custom tabs to give you an app-like experience coupled with the performance of the Chrome browser (yes, you’ll need Chrome installed!). Simply is fast and lightweight. It has a Facebook-like design with a dedicated button on the auto-hiding app bar to return to the ‘Recent Activity’ view. Facebook links can be automatically handled by Simply (if you choose) too.

Simply is – and always will be – lightweight and free of bloat. While we will add a few menu shortcut links in a future release, we have no desire to create a full fat heavyweight app.

As Simply uses Chrome Custom Tabs, all your existing auto-complete and browsing data is available – as are notifications. If you prefer an app with a completely siloed web view, you should check out the excellent Tinfoil app.

Samsung multi-window is now supported.



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